Granddaughter is coming

The Dr. told my daughter the baby is ready and about 8 lbs. She’s at the hospital, they induced labor. I am waiting, I talked with her this morning. Told me no hurry nothing happening yet and she will call. Killing time till my granddaughter comes out LOL. Can’t wait to see Kayleigh, I just know she’s going to be so cute!!!

Ive always considered babies as the most wonderful miracle of life… Are you pacing back and forth now Keith? LOL I’m sure she will be beautiful! Keep us posted…better yet post photos =)

Hoorah! Hope that all goes well! Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Update: Kayleigh was born 9:07 PM, 1/30/2010, 7 lbs., 11 ozs and 20 1/2 inches. So Cute!!! I am a very happy grandpa LOL

***Congratulations Grandpa and to your Family!!!***

What a Joy!! :slight_smile: Good poundage. Their guess sure was close. Is this your 1st Grandchild…Granddaughter?
Come back with all the info later. Enjoy this Special time now.

Thanks Terrie8. yes she is my first grandchild. Just unwinding after 14 hrs. at the hospital. LOL


We want to see photos of beautiful Kayleigh!

Congratulations Grandpa!!! Get some rest :slight_smile:

WOW your 1st! That must be Something Special. :slight_smile: Good for you and your Wife, Keith. It sure sounds like you had a hard days work. :smiley:

I don’t have GrandKids yet but we definitely enjoy our Foster Grandkids alot.

Get a Good night’s sleep. That little one will be wanting a horsey-back ride soon Grandpa. =)

No wife just me. The good side I don’t have to share. LOL Special is an understatement.

I will post pictures soon. Let you all knoww.

Congratulations Grandpa! My first and only grandson was born 4 years ago and is the love of my life.

Pictures are on my page.