Granpa the best job in the world

When the last of our kids left home there was a big hole in our house and our hearts they wanted to stretch there wings and see what life was about, that's fine and is how it should be but neither myself or my wife had prepared ourselves for that day and yet we had had 4 previous occasions when a child had left the nest so you would think we would be use to it. As each of the five bedrooms became empty the house seem to loose it's soul no longer the running across the landing to get in the bathrooom first no bickering because one of them had borrowed something belonging to the other no joy when birthdays came around and they asll tried to blow each others candles out, only the footsteps of me and the wife broke the silence in the house.

The wife works monday to friday full time so some days I sit at mt computer and can hear every sound the house makes I can hear the birds chirping away right now and although smudge our cat is stratched out on the window sill near me and the wife is still in dreamland I long for those days when the kids would bound around the house waking everyone up.

The hole in my heart is much smaller these days as we have 4 grandchildren it is not hte same as having your own kids but it comes mighty close to it, once again the pitter patter of tiny feet fill the house when they visit and the house seems to respond it it so much a happier place when the grandchilden visit.

My job is just to play hide and seek or be the big green monster who they can sit on the back off or chase around ther house,

Agree with yoou ALMOST but I think nanny is the BESTEST job in thw world!

Being a grandparent is just heavenly…I sure do love my girls. We are lucky, aren’t we?

I am so looking forward to being Grandpa, my daughter is ready, just waiting for Kayleigh.