Grany Smith or Golden Delicious

Well Murray lost to Federa in the Wimbledon final well done Andy you did us all proud,the newspaper yesterday had a front page saying we are all praying for you Andy,a bit much God has more important things to do like seeing to the starving millions those caught up in wars the elderly infirm and disabled to be honest if World Governments got together povery famine could be gone tommorow but most of us humans would rather have more than less what a sad World,gripe over rained most of the day so the Shire is a bit sogggggy ok for ducks and the like is someone messing with the weather if so please stop it or supply us all with wellingtons galloshers and a boat Angel is complaining about facebook freezing up in bubble safari it is the same in caf'e world smudge is sleeping under the radiator snooring away counting mice as they jump over the sty,have a new blood monitor it came on Thursday not opened it yet to be honest not had the strength in fact could not sqeeze a grape right not the project in the bacl dinning room is dragging on on Thursday I had one of those rare moments (insights) where I saw what was going to happen before it did I could not stop myself and the accident occured cannot tell you what it was as I am not supposed to be doing that thing except to say it took hours to clean the carpet I was so puffed out I sat on the floor so tired I could not get up this heart condition really sucks ishmatic heart disease probably not spelt it right,the diabetes does not help either,to top it off the gout is so painfull I have to fill myself up with pain relief pills co-codamal for the pain but here I am Sunday night lying on top of the bed typing away breathing heavy as usuall,hope your Sunday went well bring on the new week twiddlemethumbs