Gratitude, a gift to myself at the 35-year mark


Thank-you, @Jim_in_Calgary.

Did this just happen unprovoked by any treatment changes? If true, this bolsters the concept of the body’s incredible power to heal itself.

Dr. Bernstein also reported that his gastroparesis resolved following his restoration of normal blood glucose using a low-carb way of eating.


Terry - It’s difficult for me to say how it resolved itself. I recall religiously using prepulsid for 8-9 years, and when it was yanked from the market and I was switched to another med, there were periods when I ate without meds. I noticed there was no indication of gastroprohesis. Further testing showed just that - no gastroprohesis.

My BG’s had certainly improved between the time BG meters became available (82?), but my A1C’s back then weren’t exactly anything to write home about (low 7’s). Given that I had become hypo-unaware, this was the level my endo recommended I run at :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you, Terry. You and your contributions to the community and me personally mean a great deal to me.


The feeling is mutual, @Lorraine!


Tapestry said it so well Terry. Your words of gratitude are inspirational.


Congratualtions Terry4! You are amazing!! Thanks for sharing and giving back to the diabetic community! I have learned so much from you!


I appreciate your honestly as well as your sentiments. I also have struggled with understanding and managing diabetes. The first few years were great. I was juvenile. But after I started on my own with my own bills and my own life. It was very difficult. I have always been concerned and aware, but at times possibly not as aware as I should have been. I appreciate what you said. I am worried about kidneys to be honest. It is something one cannot escape. I seem to be at that crossing point perhaps where I have to do something in order to stop something that may or ultimately will if you get my point. Anyways thanks, I wish you well and all the best health and happiness.


Thanks for checking in, @Tom41 and @T1d50plus. I appreciate your remarks.

Better blood sugar numbers is not going to hurt anything, in many cases it can arrest or slow the progression of many secondary complications. Personally, I prefer action over worry.


Oh Terry—This is indeed a moment to celebrate. And I would also like to offer a heartfelt thank you for your compassionate, educational voice here. You have been a boon to so many of us as we arrived, confused and looking for guidance…

Blessings to you and yours, friend!..Judith in Portland…


I appreciate your kind comments, @Judith_in_Portland. You, too, have added much to this community! Thanks for stopping in.


Thank you for your post! Wish I could give you a hug!