Great America D-Day

Today we went to Great America and we all had a great time. Ana’s blood sugars were pretty stable and we were able to go on several rides without any issues. Until…I checked her about a couple hours after getting there and she was in the 300s. I gave her a correction bolus, but she also was hungry, so I had to let her eat something. Unfortunately the thing she picked to eat was french fries. Not the easiest thing to bolus for. So, I gave her a correction and meal bolus and decided to wait and see. The worry that I had was that I had also just done a pod change prior to our leaving to go to the park. So, now of course I was wondering if the issue was the new pod site…normal rise in blood sugars after pod change, or the food she had for lunch…or the excitement at the park. So many variables to consider. Plus, she played soccer for an hour in the morning and we spent a lot of time walking at the park, so technically she should have been dropping or at the very least not having a rise in her blood sugars. So…now I am up late waiting to check her again because in the end I gave her a correction bolus about 2 hours after I gave the last correction bolus (should have waited longer to see if she would come down more, but because she was still in the 200s, I decided to give more insulin) and that ended up making her drop to 54. The crazy thing is that she complained that her stomach hurts (sign of low blood sugar), so I checked her and she was 195, but since that number did not correspond with how she felt, we cleaned a different finger and checked her again and she was 54! I cannot believe that ketchup (the only sweet thing she had at the park) left on her finger, and that we possibly didn’t clean it well enough, is what gave the reading of 195. Imagine if we decided to leave it and not check again…it’s is a blessing that she is so right on about being low when she says her stomach hurts. It truly is reliable. So, gave her juice, got home from the park, she wanted a snack, fixed her wheat toast with peanut butter and some warm milk. Bolused for that and sent her to bed…so, I’m up to make sure she is not dropping too low because now I think all of the day’s exercise is finally setting in.