Great case for your pump

I have found a great, durable very protective case for my pump. Nite Ize Black Clipcase Sideways Small or Medium. I use the Medium one. Since I started working with my husband at our automotive shop, I was very nervous about scratching or seriously damaging my pump. My husband has used these cases for his Iphone. I now use one for my pump and one for my phone. You can buy them at REI or online, the best deal I found was at: Optics Planet. com
You can easily find them for under $10.

This is a really great case. I am constantly looking for slim cases with clips, since I don’t wear belts. Now I need a sport case with a clip so when I ride I don’t get my sweat on it. I killed two pumps already. I have a neoprene case, but it does not have a clip. I’m not sure what was expected of the user with this kind of case. Too big for my pockets, and that’s if I’m wearing pants versus a skirt or dress. Can anyone recommend a waterproof slim case or wrap that maybe I could them put my slim clip around? I’ve got a Paradigm 522.