Great Day to End a Great Week

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This was a fun week. I didn’t go to the gym once, I didn’t do anything exciting but everything was out of the ordinary. Diabetes continues to be mind numbing and monotonous, but 95% of the time my numbers are awesome. We figured out on where we are living. I bought new tires for my car with money saved up from the clinical trial and my parents bought me a new grill for my birthday. While all of that was good, it was the intangible events of the week that made it great. Wifey had to finish up her comp exams so I was working 0600 until between 1030-1200. After that the kids were mine for the day unless Squirt had to nurse. We went the pool everyday except Thursday (super hot day of previous post fame). Lots of time to rebond with the kids after being gone, in their eyes, for weeks at a time (leaving before they wake up and getting home after they go to bed). My games were cancelled tonight so Batman and I were able to play some baseball before the…

SuFu, Ph.D.