Great numbers but High LDL

I was diagnosed Type 2 diabetes in March 2007. Was on pills to regulate my blood sugar. January of 2011 I went on Levemir and Humalog because the pills weren't working. Since on insulin my numbers are great. My blood sugar is great and my AIC in one year went from 7.9 to 6.7 which my Endo says is great. I never eat bread, or white flour. Mostly eat veggies, fruit and chicken and fish.
However here is the kicker. In the last few months I put on weight. I do exercise often. Went from 183 to 192. I am not overweight. 183 was light for me but I liked that weight. Just had blood work and my LDL is high (137)from (126) and my cholesterol went up (198) from 186.My good cholesterol (HDL)are ok in fact the numbers are better. I take 40MG of lipitor and I take a very low blood pressure pill. My blood pressure is great. I have been taking a little more insulin to control my BS. I take 5 Units or Humalog 50/50 in the morning. Depending on lunch I take about 1 or 2 units of Humalog 50/50.
At dinner time I take 1-5 units of Humalog depending upon what I eat. I take 7 units of Levemir at dinner and another 7 units at 10PM.

I am a very good eater. No alcohol, cake etc. So food is not the issue.

Could insulin be causing my weight to go up. Let me here from people who have had this issue of weight gain and high cholestrol.

While we obsess extensively with bg's and A1C's here, in real life (for both T1 and T2 diabeteics) cardio health is another ballgame that must be played because no matter how good our bg control, we are still at very increased risks for heart problems. It's not unrelated to the bg ballgame because we know that good bg control is better for the heart than bad bg control. But still it's a game we have to play.

For a nondiabetic, a number like 198 or 186 for total cholesterol is in fact a pretty good number. But generally docs try to (with good reason) to keep us diabetics to more strict standards. Me, my doc is trying to get my total number under 140 and I try to comply with all his suggestions, but still it's a struggle.

I kinda know how you feel... it feels like they are moving the goalposts or lowering the limbo bar to hold us diabetics to higher standards than the general population. But I think there are good reasons to. It just is hard sometimes especially when there's a goal I don't meet all the time.

How much insulin do you take and what is your diet like? How do you keep your Chol at good numbers and how are your LDL's? I eat no bad carbs and have no idea why my LDL are high. Must be something. I have been Quercitin which is an herb for good prostate health but I am going to stop and see if this is why my LDL and Chol are up. I live a very healthy life. Diabetes is maddening. Its all consuming and it starts with food.

Your former high BG messes big time with blood lipids & it takes a bit for them to come down. Don't know when the former blood tests were done. Those aren't large increases. More important than individual numbers is your ratio. Get that from your doctor. I take krill oil caps to help.

Insulin's a fat storing hormone, of course. You aren't taking large insulin doses. I eat low carb to keep my insulin needs low.

Do you know why you're on Humalog 50/50? Is your doctor an endo? You'd probably do better on rapid acting than 50/50. It's easier to dose, control, correct highs & fine tune. Also more accurate to match carbs to insulin than using 50/50.

read about Almonds also. Not sure how much they really work but if you like them then toss a handful a day in and see if it helps also. Just not too much cause they do contain fats in them. but they are suppose to be the magical nut. I like them so I have them every day. About a small handful is what is recommended.