Great Place to Shop for LOW Carb Ingredients

I get so many varieties of nuts, seeds and nut flours here. The shipping is great and the prices are very reasonable. I have been shopping with them for quite awhile now and consistency is also a factor worth noting.

I order here every month. I love the fast shipping and flat $4.95 shipping rate. They have virtually everything. No need to run all over town hoping to find what I'm looking for.

I use these flavoring for all kinds of things from cooking to coffee and even sodas. My favorites are their "Beverage & Ice Cream Flavors." I find they are especially good in my chia seed pudding. I can make it to almost taste like an icecream, sometimes in the summer I will put the no sugar chocolate syrups on it and some whipped cream and it's just like a sundae. You can really be creative with them.

Gerri Shared with us...WOW there are a plethora of items at the honeyvillegrain store and $4.49 flat rate shipping! I can't wait to go exploring.
And tropicaltraditions even has a cool recipe link that I wlll have fun with!
I am really excited about both of these stores,
Thank YOU Gerri!!!! Wonderful almond flour. I buy in 20 lb. bulk when they have sales & freeze it. Coconut flour, shredded coconut.

Judith, How lucky to have Bob's Red Mill as a Neighbor!
But I am so excited that you told us about your wonderful pitas! I am gonna try some as well, I think I would really enjoy some of these!

I live off of Josephs low carb food. Lightly toasting the flatbread for a "bun" or wrap. I use the pita for everything from pita pizza to sloppy joes. Awesome products!