Greedy Vending Machines

Sugar and Diet Coke seem to be two staples for those of us in the Diabetes Community, so imagine my shock when two Greedy Vending Machines denied my attempts to obtain these much-needed boosts of sugar and caffeine. Two days, two times of greed. Apparently, the vending machines learn and it’s an all-out D-Conspiracy designed to launch our D-Lives into chaos… Here’s my tale over at The Diabetic’s Corner Booth. Let me know if you’ve seen similiar misconduct by these vicious vending machines.

Those Mean Machines stealing from you like that. My Hubby has lots of fights with them also…but he doesn’t have Diabetes. For heaven’s sakes Michael…get a Man-purse. Many carry them you know. I don’t need Greedy Vending machines cuz I carry everything in my purse and it’s not that big. Glad you’re okay now.

I hate wasps way more than Greedy Vending Machines. The minute I stick my nose out the door…ATTACK!! I definitely agree with you there. I was viciously attacked by 16 of them no-goods when I was about 11 y/o.