Greetings everyone! Help us fight diabetes in the Appalachian region

Greetings everyone,

My name is Mark Riley. I work at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I am the web designer/website adminstrator for a new site called Diabetes: A Family Matter. This website is part of a grant funded project in the Appalachian region that provides families in rural communities with educational materials and ideas about ways to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diabetes. The program focuses on diabetes prevention and care management from a family and community perspective. This approach is very important when dealing with Appalachian culture.

As you may now, diabetes in Appalachia is very high. Factor in long-term poverty and low access to health care and its easy to see the growing problem we face.

I wanted to invite everyone to check out our website and even comment about its design and functionality. I also invite anyone here from the Appalachia region to also join our newly created social network at Together, we hope to educate people more about diabetes care and prevention.

Thanks for your time and hope to talk to you soon. If you would like to know more about the Diabetes: Family Matter project, you can contact Dr. Sharon Denham at

Mark Riley