Gremlin invasion and frustration!

This is the third day I've been suffering a massive D gremlin attack. I simply can't keep my #s where they belong, and usually are.

The first day my boluses just didn't seem to work, and I did loads of corrections for slightly elevated numbers (high 120s, 166 after a small meal/bolus).

Second day I woke at 115 (I'm usually in the 80s), bolused as usual because I rise just by getting up, ate nothing and was in the 180s an hour later.
Corrected by injection, changed my site. Finally got it down to the 140s 3 hrs later, then changed the reservoir using a new vial of insulin. I napped, which brought me down to 100 (I usually go much lower), then up again in the 130s all night with loads of corrections by pump or injection.

Woke up at 4:30 to 143! Corrected, then woke up this am at 138, went up to the 140s, changed my site again and corrected by injection. Now I'm in the 130s and rising, changed my site again and rage bolused.

I don't feel as if I'm getting sick or have an infection anywhere. I haven't eaten anything unusual - in fact I've barely eaten. Am I missing something? Changed sets twice, some corrections by injection, new vial of insulin.... arghhhhh!

Hi jrtpup. I'm on MDI most of the time. When my blood sugars get to roller-coastering, I get on the pump for a couple of days, which gets me back to my "normal". Since you're already on a Ping, I could only suggest you try correcting by syringe for a bit to see if that helps. For me this seems to be mainly a winter-time problem -- the weather? Not enough exercise? Gremlin invasion?

Just my opinion !! I think you are correcting too much. Except for the 166 and the 180's, I don't think the BG #'s are too high. Sometimes in the month ( and I don't mean having your period, I am in my 60's) my #'s go crazy. If I get up high, I will take extra insulin for a correction with my bolus for breakfast. I will eat breakfast. I find if I skip a meal my BG will go up. You are being over consciencous (sp?) like many people on this site. It can make you crazy.
Please don't go crazy !!!

catlover, I know they don't sound high but they are for me, and what usually works just doesn't! Trudy, I think I will keep correcting by syringe until this stops.

I'll try not to go craziER LOL. Thanks for the input you guys!

I agree, I find it kind of crazy you consider "high 120s" to be high. :)

Have you tried upping your basal rates or adjusting carb/correction ratios? I've been running high the past week and finally put my basal rates and ratios up ... got my first reading in range in literally DAYS. (It actually felt low to me, which is never a good sign!)

Jen, I thought about you when I was typing the blog. No, haven't adjusted anything yet except my corrections (adding maybe 25%). I'll have to do some basal testing if it doesn't 'go back' to my usual.

My blood sugars have been much better since making the adjustments ... I always wish I didn't wait so long before making the changes!

I don't know much about bolus etc. Just wanted to drop in and say get well soon jrtpup.

How sweet, thank you Peetie! Doing much better actually, the gremlins are retreating.