Groovy Patches

I bought these a while back and thought they were the cutest thing. I am all into keeping my diabetes “fresh”. Meaning keeping things new and not the same all the time. They make me feel a little more girly. You can choose which infusion set that you use and configure your package of patches.
I am attaching a pic of it.
8806-groovypatches.jpg (19.3 KB)

I have some groovy patches too! I love them. I don’t wear them all the time, but they are a nice change up every once in a while. I found out about them on SixUntilMe.

What is “SixUntilMe”?

Which groovy patch sets did you get? I got some butterflies, ladybug and patriotic.
I need to order some holiday ones! is blog by Kerri Morrone. It is great. She is a member here, an editor at dLife and also has the blog. She is in her late 20s and just writes about her life. She’s kind of famous in the diabetic blogger world. LOL
You should checker her out sometime.

Thanks for the tip! I love finding new accessories, too.

thanx! my son will love these! (he’s 5) i just ordered the camoflage ones.

Hey, I have contacted groovy patches but have not heard anything back. My query was if their patches can be used for a Cozmo pump? The website does not refer to Cozmo, only Mini-Med and other pumps I have not heard of. I was wondering if the infusion ‘patch’ is a similar size on any of these other pumps? Thanks in advance if any of you are able to answer! Dee