Gross, but concerning: fluid under tape?

Sorry for the TMI post, but I noticed for the last two days underneath my Tegaderm adhesive, there had been pooling some gross fluid around the CGM (using Minimed CGM). I’ve had it nearly a year, and the only other time I saw anything similar was when I was outdoors running and it seemed to be sweat underneath the tape. Needless to say, it’s 30 degrees here and I’m not exercising too much, but this fluid buildup was gross. I changed the dressing last night, and noticed that the fluid had a yellowish but clear tinge to it and frankly it smelled bad. I cleaned it up, replaced the dressing, and this morning, the same thing. I ended up pulling the sensor just to be on the safe side. No tenderness at the site, looks fine (no redness, pain, etc), just this smelly fluid. I do use Emla prior to insertion and generally do a good job getting the remainder off my skin before the sensor goes in.

Anyone else have this issue, and any words of wisdom about it? It pretty much grossed me out, and has now made me replace the sensor (the insertion is the part I hate the most). Thanks!