Grouch Moments


yup.I’m a confirmed grouch today and it’ll get better maybe tomorrow. Just thought I’d let it out typing. It’s a Tequila Night only I dont drink alcohol so that limits it to water and diet soda. I’m just feeling angry. Stephen is headed for an additional reserve duty weekend and then will be going over to the base to sign in for his next “tour of duty”
So, where do I sign in? nope didnt have to do that. I’m just a military dependent; the same as my kids. Only, with the responsibility of the family.
Nope, that isnt exactly my anger.
The darn social services for the ups and downs that they give us in raising our special needs family!That is my biggest gripe. After all, I’m quite capable of taking care of them.
I’ve proven it time and again.
Nope that is only part of it. hmmm. I have no idea what sets me off sometimes. I get sad,mad and everything inbetween all in a heart beat and then it rages thru the course til all the emotions are covered and I finally settle down to my happy old self again.
UGH! ARGH! and all that! GRRRR!!!