Group meetings for Diabetics

What do you make of group meetings for Diabetics? I have just read in today’s Daily Mail that everyone’s blood results will be on a chart for all to see.

I would try a meeting if they were rolling them out in South Wales but am not sure I’d want my results broadcast

It is based on a self-help group, so that may be good but I wouldn’t want comments made to me from the nurse etc., such as given to me before in private consultation “You must be eating biscuits and cakes”, to which I was so flabbergasted, I could not reply. I don’t eat or buy cakes and only eat a small amount occasionally, by the way!

Group meetings are fine (I wish there were other T1s nearby here so I could meet with them). Posting blood glucose results is NOT as it is the beginning of bragging and shaming.

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Yes, I feel that posting up blood results is not the thing to do too.

Would not bother me to post my BS. If someone can help me or I could help someone else is a plus