Growing up type 1 diabetic 15-24 (so far)

I made my first blog on my first website last night to tell my story. Any feedback is much appreciated. Sharing this hoping it can help and reach others.


Well done. My niece once-removed has been going through a similar period of conflict and burnout with her T1 over the past several years (she’s now 24), including multiple DKA episodes, and I get the sense it’s not uncommon for women, particularly, in their late teens and early 20s. Glad that you seem to be coming out the other side of that struggle. Hope you keep posting!


Thank you so much! It took a lot to be that vulnerable and open about it, but also felt really good to get such positive feedback and remember I’m not alone. Plan on posting another tonight, actually. I won’t be stopping anytime soon. :slight_smile: I hope your niece is starting to do better!

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Way to go @Chelsea7 ! You are a leader and role model to others in every way. I am 38 and was diagnosed at age 19. I have sheepishly started many different blog/sharing my diabetes ideas but have never put them “out there”. You may have just inspired me!!! I have gone through many of the same things you write about… thank you for sharing your brave words with others…hugs.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Nice blog entry, @Chelsea7! I find writing therapeutic: I suspect you may as well. You’ve had a rough ride with health as a young person. I was diagnosed until I was 30 and I often think that going through my teenage years with T1D would have been hard for me. I was rebellious about a lot of things at that age.

Keep up with your writing. You do it well.

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Thank you so much, Cynthia! Your kind words are so much appreciated. I was so nervous, but once I hit publish and started getting positive feedback, it’s been so worth it. I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to now. Tell your story, girl. I’d definitely love to read it! :slight_smile: I sure hope I could help inspire! Thank you, for the thank yous, and the support! hugs back at ya!

Terry, I definitely do! Funny thing is, I’ve always loved writing. Yet just started writing about diabetes… the most important thing in my life, haha. This is definitely a much more personal thing to write about, which makes it all the better. It was very hard as a teenager, so many things I wish I would’ve done differently, but it got me here- thanks for the kind words about my writing! I definitely try and write as if I’m having a conversation one on one, and not super professional. Do you have a blog or story somewhere I could read as well? Sorry to hear about your “rough ride”… It’s definitely been one for me too, but I hope the ride isn’t AS rough anymore for you! :slight_smile:

Not to read but you may listen, if you’d like. My story with diabetes is contained in this Juicebox Podcast interview by Scott Benner.

Awesome! I’ll have to check that out as soon as I get home from work in a little bit. I’m not too familiar with podcast, so I look forward to it! Thanks for sharing!