Grown up pump pouches


Okay, I admit it, I’m a little obsessed with Etsy. I mean, where else can you fins basically everything you could ever want made by someone’s hands instead of a factory / company? Seriously… from soap to notebooks to wallets to fingerless gloves to toys for the kids to gorgeous bowls and fun t-shirts… swoon. All made by hand.

Another handy thing about etsy is the enormous number of clip-on cell phone pouches for sale, available in all sorts of colors and designs… and of course, the first thing I though when I saw them was…

How nice to have a grown up option for pump pouches.

Also remember that because these things are handmade, you can contact the seller and ask them to make you something similar (for example, a larger size or a clip instead of a strap) and most of the time, they will!

(And who in the world would have guessed there was such a thing as a hip fanny pack?)

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Thanks for posting this site Beth.

Now if I could just look like the girl with the hip fanny pack, I would buy a hundred of them. :slight_smile: