Growth Hormone injections - tips please!

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has been treated with growth hormone injections (such as Somatropin - Genotropin etc)? I'm about to start treatment -hopefully tomorrow- for growth hormone deficiency (igf-1). (although T1 diabetics are at greater risk to have somewhat lower levels, I also have a small tumor that is likely to be causing it.)

I'm kind of ambiguous to the effect it will have on my bg levels as known side effects include insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, but also hypoglycemia!! And I also read somewhere that it might have a stabilizing effect on bgs (guessing for ppl who are deficient).. So am not really sure what to expect.. I have an i:c ratio of 1:10, and I sometimes have huge drops in bg for no apparent reason!! (I don't notice them until I'm 29, and they can be too fast for my cgm to notice (although low alarm set at 72).

I will start to take the GH injections (low dosage) at bedtime as this is when the body normally releases the hormone, but I have thought about the possibility of splitting it into two doses (one bedtime, one morning) to make it softer on bg levels...thinking dawn phenomena symptoms might be easier to tackle in my waking hours - but not really sure if this is beneficial for the other functions (why I'm being treated) of the hormone..

Does anyone have any experience using this? The only user-experience I can find online is from (non-D) body builders (overdosing on this is supposed to be beneficial for muscle growth!) and I certainly can't relate to them!!! And my endo hasn't even mentioned it might affect my bg levels (although I have a different endo to treat my diabetes, he certainly knows I have it!)

Am really hopeful this treatment will improve my wellbeing (being able to exercise again, stay awake in the evenings, not taking daytime naps, being social ++), but the ambiguity of it messing up my bg levels is making me somewhat anxious to whether it will be worth it..

So am wondering if anyone has any experience or suggestions relating to this?
Any insights are more than welcome :)