Grr stuck high

Went out to eat tonight with the wife. Had a big meal took what I thought would be maybe a little to much insulin but not a drastic amount. Well was perfect number wise at the 2 hour mark. No food rest of the night and at midnight about 5 hours after eating I was over 200. Been fighting it the past 3 hours still above 160 after 2 units. Grr just frustrated this hasn’t happened before always new what caused my highs and never been stuck.

Of course, I don’t know what you ate or your bolus amount for food but when I eat at say, a Chinese buffet occasionally, I always take about 7 units of Humalog 10-15 minutes before I eat if it’s in a Good range and then about 4 units of humalog about 60-80 minutes later, give or take. It brings me into Good range normally.

If I eat out I often give myself an additional bolus at about two hours even if I am in range or only slightly high. Restaurant food is terrible for causing a delayed rise in blood sugar even if it “looks” healthy!

Probably the protein hitting later &/or fat/protein slowing down digestion.