It’s the little things about this disease that absolutely drive me batty. Something simple that spoils an otherwise perfect moment.And lately my infusions sets are putting major kinks in my life.

I’m having issues with sets kinking and having enough fat to place a set somewhere comfortably. So last night, I put my site in my outer left thigh using a silhouette set. It went in beautifully, and seemed to be a good solution (I’ve tried the 6mm short sets with no luck). So today, I went running on the outdoor track surrounded by tons of people. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It was just a great run, endurance was up, breeze was blowing, over half way through when it happened. I was struck with a searing pain in my thigh. With every stride, it felt as if the muscle was a spasming around the canula. Or better description might be like getting a large shot in a muscle that is tensed. So I stopped suddenly, and almost had a collision with the runner behind me. OOPS.

I rub the site, and there is no pain, so I start to walk and then slowly pick up my pace. As soon as I exerted any force stronger than a limp, it burned, and I was over 2 miles from my car. Crap! Of course, I am wearing track pants, and with all the people around, I can’t just drop trow and pull out my site. So, I try and limp, but can only go about 100m feet before the pain stops me. Now I’m trying to figure out some discreet way to pull out my site, and my pants are too thick to try and grab the edge of the adhesive. So off to a tree that I can hide behind, where I cautiously (trying to be discreet) reach inside my pants and yank that D@**! site out. I can only imagine what someone might have thought if they saw me.

After I pulled the site out, it was sore, but I had no problem finishing the course. Now I annoyed because 1. I only got 1 day out of the site 2. I have to reinsert, and don’t know where I can put it and finally 3. I had hope for placing sil sets in my thigh, and it would have worked except for the run. I mean I KNOW I have some padding there…I can see it!

Anyone know why it would only start to hurt in the middle of my run, or better anyone else have something similar happen? Any suggestions for future places to pop these things?

idk why this stuff happens…i tried putting my cleo 90 site in my leg a couple times too and it hit the muscle. but it took about 15 minutes before it hurt. then i had to pull it out (which also hurt). the only 2 places i can use for my sites are the back of my arms or my stomach. have you tried either of those??

I sometimes get this when I am spinning. It feels like the end of the canula is rubbing against the muscle, which of course causes a pain that means I have to stop the exercise. It has happened in the middle of spin class, so I have to get off the bike and slink out, since I could not finish the class (when it first started, I always took a bike in the front row – not any more). No one ever gave me a good reason why there is the pain. It’s just there. Frustrating to waste an infusion set, but it is better than doing the next couple of days in pain. I wonder if it may be something to do with the muscle bulking up when we work out – all the exercise makes it expand temporarily? No idea.

I’ve never been able to get a good site on my stomach. It always feels fine, until I used my stomach muscles to pull myself up, then it pinches. I loved my arm until I had two really painful & bruised sites in a row, now I’m pretty gun shy. Maybe I’m just a real wimp!

Yikes! I would have been upset too! I use the Omnipod, every once in a while I put it in the wrong place. I think it’s the best spot until I start moving around. Click here, it will take you to forums about site changes. Good luck:)


So frustrating, but I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one!

I wondered about the muscles expanding too. The only thing I could think of, was that maybe there was some lactic acid build up causing swelling? Since I’m not doing weights (and even then muscles don’t repair/bulk up until later) I don’t know.