Ok, I am grumpy right now, I always get this way when I have an upcoming doctors appointment, I don’t know why I am like this because my appointment is almost a week away and already I am grumpy. Even though I am aware of this problem there seems to be little I can do about. I dislike going to the doctor but not enough to put me in such foul mood.

I suspect I will be totally intolerable by the time next week rolls around.

Are you grumpy because you don’t particularly like your doctor or is it the hassle of traffic to the clinic, waiting to be seen and all the other infrastructure related delays and frustrations?

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The doctor would say… what can we do differently so you don’t feel this way!

What would you say?

I know what I’d say. Prescribe a week’s vacation in Southern California or Mexico prior to every visit and I’ll feel much better :sunglasses:

There is no rational reason for why I get so bent out of shape. I like this doctor that is not the reason.

If I had to even try to make sense of myself I would say I get this way because I feel like I’m forced into something I don’t want to do. I don’t get to call the shots, they do.


Get yourself 3 feet of paracord and study some knot tying

Learn how to tie some knots that will be useful in everyday life

Then you can do them in the waiting room

It burns off nervous energy and keeps you from strangling the person next to you

Tons of free legal books here

download FBREADER for your phone - better then stone smooth

My advice, set off some of those famous southern fireworks out back. Roman candles seem to be pretty good for me. Just buy 21 of them, about 3 per night. Or one per neighbor to shoot at them. Good fun is not always cheap, but darn they can be fun


You can be grumpy if you need to. I don’t see why not.
No way is someone is going to say I cant be grumpy I have earned it.


@Stemwinder_Gary does the grumpy thing always happen before a visit, or just lately. Is it tied to your diabetes quantifiers such as A1c, etc??

Be grumpy, there is nothing wrong with it unless it affects your personal relationships with those close to you.

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I get grumpy about seeing the dr. because of all the time wasted in the waiting room. Maybe the knot tying idea would solve my problem.


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I get a bit grumpy when, for the umpteenth time, my diabetes clinician gives me the standard hypoglycemia warning. With low glucose variability (my CGM standard deviation is often < 20 mg/dL) my average glucose and related A1c weighs in in the normal range. My percent of time in severe hypoglycemia (<54mg/dL or 3.0 mmol/L) is often in the 0.2% range or less with some of that attributable to CGM compression lows.

These facts don’t matter to my diabetes doc. I tolerate this attitude but it does make me slightly grumpy.

Good luck with your appointment, @Stemwinder_Gary.


I get nervous/grumpy sometimes because I’m not sure what my labs will say so there you go. And its not because I get “yelled at” - my doctor and nurse practitioner are both VERY if there is an issue, move on and what are we going to do about it. Still get nervous. Its almost like I’m afraid I’ll be embarrassed. I get antsy with all the measuring (wt, blood pressure, etc) but its a necessary evil. Focus on how you feel when you walk out! I ALWAYS feel good, validated, someone listened to me, someone offered support, etc. Also, look at it as you are about to make someone’s day! They are in healthcare to help people. Think about when you are a success, they smile because you are their success. I also plan a treat if I have good blood work – a new scarf, trip to library, new nail polish – something to cheer you on.
Good Luck Grumpy!!! I wish you well and happy trails :slight_smile:

Sure its not just low BG?