Guess who's back.....hehehe

I am so glad to have the internet back again!!! I missed all of my Diabetic Buddies! You know what…It was worth the wait! If you are in a area that offers Verizon Fios you should get it! it is super fast.

The move was great! I was thinking about starting my own moving company (lol) because my bg’s were great! 80-100 fasting and 90-130 2 hrs after eating…I love it!!! hehehehe.

It’s good to be back home!

I will be seeing you all around!!


You were missed! Glad you’re back and can read everything with high-speed internet! Good luck getting settled!

Fios! Must. Have. Fios!

Glad to see you are back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back Cherise! You were missed! I envy your FIOS but I’d rather take a beating than have to move…at least you got good numbers… :slight_smile:

Welcome back. great numbers despite moving. Stress would usually drive numbers up.
You did wonderful.

thank you all for the Welcome Back!
I am getting my tudiabetes fix:)

Welcome back!! Glad your back with us!!!