Why do I feel so guilty when I let myself have one to many beers or an extra sliver of pumpkin pie. The big D is such a dictator! Humphh :0(

For me beer is friendly to my BS than pumpkin pie, so I would skip the pie and have that extra beer knowing I picked the best choice:)

Yes I agree completely, a Michelob Ultra has like 2.6 carbs, heck you can really overdo with that and skip the guilt entirely

"I like beer, It makes me a jolly good fellow" I think that a country music lyric. I never did like pumpkin pie so the choice is easy.


Beer is kinder than pumpkin pie to me also. I'd rather drink water than lite beer, so have a Guinness occasionally.

Guilt is no fun.

I bolus for beers, unless it's one of the ultra fluffy varieties, in which case I'll bolus for several and drink fast. I've never been a fan of any pumpkins/ squash/ etc. so that's a non-issue. For dessert in general, it usually only arises at celebrations. My usual strategy for that is to sort of overbolus, again covering each round of apps/ cocktails (not a lot of carbs but I count a couple...)/ snacks/ etc. separately. This seems to reliably leave a bit of extra IOB by the time dessert rolls around to cover it. I like Guinness too, since they are nice enough to include that 12 oz.= 9G of carbs on the box of those draft cans!!

I had a nurse once tell me that I should never feel guilty about wanting to eat/drink things that a non-diabetic could have, just to learn that everything in moderation is fine. I live by that philosophy, so I'd have two beers and save the pumpkin pie for tomorrow. lol