Gummy chops

Question am I ok taking victoza and insulin daily my doctor who prescribed the use of victoza 15 months ago seemed concerned on my last 3 monthy checkup the problem seems to be taking 1.2 of voctoza has had no affect on my weight if anything my weight has increases over the past 6 months,my blood sugar was 7.4 over the past 3 months down from 8.5 so some inprovemeny there kidneys were stable although i do have a cist on one of them but I have been told its normal at my age, medication for the gout has been increased from100 mg to 300 mg tablets the same day my own doctors surgery phoned me to make an appointment for my medicine review sounds fishy to me as I have had 2 blood test in 3 weeks it does make one think.
Smudge had 3 teeth out on Monday and my Angel is giving her antibiotics daily for a week but she seems to be ok she is fangless and only has one tooth left should I remame her gummy chops or is that being cruel,it is raining in the Shire this morning and am not feeling tooooooo well not felt well all the week twinge in my ear and sore head on top if it is not one thing it is another if only I could roll back the clock 40 years boy oh boy would my like and lifestylee be so different if only the bane of my life.
Arthritus is really bad every joint in my body hurts even using a knife for cutting my dinner hurts the past 12 months has seen a real decline in my health i need to get fit and active and not let tyhese things get on top of me,easier said than done but one must try.
Woke up to rain this morning the first morning rain for several weeks it does refresh the atmosphere around you,smudge cleaning herself so all is well with the World well in this part of the Shire anyway.

Not to question you or your doctor, but when I read about Victoza (before taking it myself), ‘it’ said somewhere that Victoza should be used “cautiously” in conjunction with insulin. I think it increases the amount of insulin we produce ourselves and adding more insulin to the mix can be “too much”. Of course, if your numbers are still a little high, then you need to do something to keep the insulin flowing, but I just thought I’d mention that caution so maybe you could ask about it or check their website. I find it so helpful to be able to look things up on the net and figure out what to do, rather than wait for someone else to tell me and that end up being unsuitable for me.
It IS hard to be active… harder still when the weather doesn’t cooperate. I find the hot muggy summers very difficult to get outside and active, so I got a (second hand) treadmill (at kijiji) and I can use that while I watch TV and it’s do-able for me. I just walk… 2.5 mph (4 kph) and not uphill and I’ve got a fan on the panel as well as another on top of the TV. My cat just sits on the lazyboy and watches me but at least she keeps the seat warm for me… lazy cat. I’ve tried several times to get her to come on the treadmill with me, but she doesn’t like the floor moving under her feet. And I can’t hold her and walk on it myself at my speed. It would be great for her if she would hop on at a slow speed with me!
I went to a website I found in the CARP (Cdn Assoc. for Retired Persons) magazine and found a bunch of really easy flexion and resistance exercises I could do without injuring myself - so for an hour each day I alternate between walking on the ‘mill’, and either strength exercises or flexibility ones… not both and not two days in a row with the same bunch. So far I haven’t hurt anything and can feel a little bit of muscle forming in my legs again.
The hardest part of all this is doing it on my own. Sure, my hubby is all for the ‘program’ and helps me whenever I ask but it’s not the same as having a walking partner or an exercise buddy. But it’s do-able, my friend. Maybe you 'n Smudge could find a ‘program’ that will work for you and then start really gradually to bring back that person you were before. Oh yes, and I found another website that I use to ‘exercise’ my brain also. Almost forgetting that reminds me I should try more memory exercises! I try to spend an hour or two a week on that site just picking out which way an arrow is facing and which shape is different from another. I love crosswords and Sudoki but this new stuff is kinda fun to - in moderation. Hang in there Mr twiddlemthumbs… and try to do something besides twiddlethumbs! We need you here!