Gym class Heroes And Dream

Gym class Heroes, Radio Killa Killa, Hah you now who it is gym class heroes and dream, ha its hard to look innocent with cookie crumbs all over my face and s*** (I like girls they like me they look so good in there seven jeans aa since you can be the one and my only i want to be faithful but i Cant keep my hands out o the cookie jar, My hands My hands my hands my huh cant keep my hands my hands my hands my hand s my huh cant keep my hands my hands my hands out the cookie jar)(Chourus) You see i got this problem i need help tryin to solve it cause meeting after meeting and im still a cookie holic, you can hide ima find em on the counter in the closet and ill say i aint do it with my face covered in chocolate My girl be settin boobie traps to catch me eatin scobby snacks i left crumbs in the bed once but i told her i was through with that she still wont be belivin me but i guess that i am cool with that but i got a sweet tooth that will never come loose and the truth of the matter is (Chorus) I got a thing for milano buscutti italinos, and i never turn down some oreos if you got one portarican portarican or those oatmeal rasin asians, hazelnut bazioliins, macodanion cocasions, double stuff a fin mint i dont matter you gettin it cause I got a sweet tooth that ill never come loose and the fact of the matter is (Chorus) Im a monster for these cookies im a beast for these treats an animal for this cracker head to feet they so damm sweet cant keep my hands my hand my huh uh my cant keep my hands my my hands my hands out da cookie jar Hey there you have it I tried my best I want that cookie anominous I guess im a falure I cant seem to keep my damm hands out the cookie jar but it is what it is Freak Freak.

These are the Lyrics of Cookie Jar
By Gym Class Heroes featuring The Dream