Hacks? I guess everybody would think of a practical tip, but I'm thinking more of an emotional boost. A retired gentleman once told me you need three things when you retire: money, an activity, and a hobby. The money helps with everything of course, the activity, like fishing, gives you something to do, the hobby, like collecting things, gives you something to do when you can no longer be active.

That's a good philosophy for diabetics. Have a hobby that takes your mind somewhere else. Be active as long as you can, but remember there will likely be a day when we have to seriously cut back. I flat pick for fun. I'm not great and I don't practice every day. But I can do some tunes that you would recognize. I learned how because of a diabetic related fall in which I fractured my ankle in 18 pieces. The Internet got old, and I decided to do something useful with my time. Before you think it is easy, note that I had to find a left-handed, inexpensive guitar, and since I can't read music, lesson books based on tablature. Now, I can pick a few tunes, and find something to accomplish that's good for my mental health, because it doesn't have anything to do with diabetes.

hobies are good for anyone & very relaxing

It's gardening for me. But it's far from a hobby. Since fibromyalgia ended my 40-year career as a professional dancer, gardening has saved my sanity (we live on a double lot and everything that isn't house is garden, since 1995). And now, as the arthritis worsens, it is also an essential exercise component for pain control and BS control!

Love the imagery, though. I dabble joyously and Badly with the piano. And my kitties (10 of them) give me a reason to get up in the morning....

The other thing that has helped our retirement process is a wall clock that tells us what day of the week it is!:

I LOVE your clock! I always thought it was funny that when Doctors are "testing" for Alzheimer's they ask what day is it. Once retired I never pay much attention! Every day is Sunday!

Mari: The evolution that my siblings and I are making---we kind of sing it:

"Everyday is a new day."......!

i love your clock

I appreciate everyone's insight and input.