Had a good one today

Was getting some breakfast at Waffle House today after work. I guess the Officer 2 booths over overheard me tell a coworker that it was time to shoot up. I dig out my needle and next thing I hear is “Would you mind stepping outside”. Look up and see a young police officer, I ask him why. He replies “So I don’t have to embarrass you in front of all these people.” Again I ask “Why” he says “Your ballsy” and points at my needle. “What I’m diabetic”. "Oh sorry have a nice day. Laughter at mine and a few other tables follow including his.

That’s hilarious. You should have said “I am ballsy” and taken your phone out to take pictures of the dumbass cop

Hopefully you taught him a lesson and he won’t “assume” next time, especially in a restaurant!

I can’t imagine a for-real drug addict saying that out loud – that must have been a REAL dumb cop!

The look on his face was priceless. One of his buddies at his table was a friend of a friend, so they might have been screwing with the new guy.

That is an Awesome story! I needed a good giggle :slight_smile: