Had a very bad night. Three Lows, Corgi CGMS works, and Wierdness

I had three lows last night, proof that Blue, our corgi, now can recognize lows after training, and one very wierd happening. I am attaching my Dexcom CGMS Data graph. I think at around 5 am that my liver dumped it’s sugar into me. I have a 1 to 16 correction factor and a 1 to 5g carb factor.

7:11 pm 120 bolus dinner 64g carb
8:10 pm 108
9:30 pm 95 bolus snack 38 g carb
10:46 pm 125 no correction insulin on board
1:20 am 45 Dog on bed barking at me moments before alarm
2:10 am 136 30 g of carb to get back up to 136
3:30 am 41 Dog again about a minute before alarm from Dexcom
4:00 am 95 45 g of carb to get back up to ~100
4:25 am 105
5:00 am 62 Dexcom Alarm then dog came barking
5:05 am 176 No carbs eaten but had painful yawn, head cleared re-checked blood it was 172
6:10 am Vomitted
7:00 am 142

Now I feel totally hungover and ready for some sleep.

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With a BG graph like that, normally I’d suggest that the sensor just went bad. But because of the physical symptoms you had, I would say you should definitely be on the phone with your endo (or in his office) Monday. Anytime you have unexplained lows that won’t stay corrected, that is a scary situation and I’d want to talk to the MD. Add in the vomiting and well… talk to your doc.