Had a very hard time attaching transmitter to Enlite sensor by myself

Today, when installing a new Enlite sensor I had a most difficult time connecting the transmitter. I couldn't see it well due to the location on my side, above my hip, in what seems to be the best type of fat on my body for getting great readings. Normally, all my sensors go on the right side, but this time I wanted to see if the left side was going to work equally well (my last sensor went an amazing 12 days before the ISIG's dropped). I don't do well looking into a mirror, and I can't bend my head down much due to 2 cervical fusions, so I was trying to get the xmitter plugged into the sensor for about 10 minutes! Finally I laid down on the bed and used just "feel". Eventually I felt the reassuring "click" of the sensor and xmitter mating up. Whew!

If at all possible, I'm going to try to change sensors only when my wife is around to help me if I can't clearly see how to plug in the xmitter.

Am I the only one who is a total spaz when trying to do something intricate by looking into a mirror? :)