Had it with Omnipod

I’ve been using the Omnipod system now for 8 months. Recently, I’ve had a string of bad pods by which I cannot load the pod with insulin.
I’ve noticed that the pods have an “assembled in China” label on the packaging.
Is this outsourcing of production new or has it been going on all this time?
I’ve had 4 bad pods in the past 2 weeks from the same box. Each time I call Omnipod’s customer service, they oblige me with a new pod in 7-10 days. My latest fiasco occurred today while I was out of town when another pod malfunctioned on loading.
The customer support staff is pretty useless on weekends: I asked if they could contact the regional rep to see if they had a spare one to use until I got back home: their response was that the closest regional rep was in Maryland (I’m in Philly).
If there is a problem with production of pods, they need to be a bit more proactive about it and more sympathetic to their customers, especially to those like myself whose insurance plans do not cover the Omnipod system and pay out of pocket for it. Omnipod reps, if you’re reading this, how about replacing the box of pods with a new box, rather than have a customer call back when each one fails?
For al its seemingly positive attributes, the negatives far outweigh them: poor quality control and mediocre customer support.
As a physician and a Type I diabetic, I am surprised that the FDA hasn’t been alerted to this as it’s essentially a medical device malfunction.
Sorry, I don’t like the tubing either, but with this kind of aggravation I’m heading back to a conventional pump. At least when I was a Minimed user, they took a more concerned approach with their client when a pump malfunction occurred.


I appreciated reading your post about the Omnipod. I’ve been pumping for almost 12 years now. Half of my diabetic lifetime. I fully admit, I’m a Minimed snob. But, a few weeks ago I got on the Omnipod website a requested a “trial” pod. Mostly out of sheer curiosity. I’m gonna give it a try for the three days then draw my own conclusion. I like the idea of no tubing, but I live such a busy/hectic life, I’m not so sure I can afford to experience a multitude of malfunctions.

Thanks for your “two cents”.


I have read other complaints about the failure rate. Thanks for your honest opinion. It’s nice to know what actual users have to say. I’m a new insulin user but have been considering the pump. I think I’ll stick with my insulin pens for now since I still seem to be able to maintain decent control.

I am new to the Omnipod, so far so good! I hope I don’t have the same issues you have.

I hope you don’t either. But I’ve experienced pod failure now for the past few months and it may only be a matter of time. Hopefully they’ve resolved the quality control issues and it just may be my bad luck.
One thing for certain: they really do need to improve their customer care commitment.
It is outrageous that I was left to fend for myself when a pod failure occurred away from home without a call back from a regional rep. I’m a physician so I know what to do: I don’t think others on this board may have felt the same.

This sounds as though Omnipod may be a short-lived product.

I am sorry to hear of your problems…as a MM user I can’t relate. I have seen other folks at other blog sites saying the same things…sounds like there is a problem on a larger scale. Best wishes on a solution.

Keep Going…Peace, Bob

Could you tell me about how much the omnipod cost per box? I was looking it to it for my daughter. I think you talked me out of it. I may just stick with her pump.

3 Boxes or 30 pods (3 month supply) cost a little over $1000.

Hi Rob! I was in your other thread about OmniPods sucking wind. I got my new mm 522 and hooked myself up. My bsg’s immediately went back into my target. Have had only one high (260 mg/dl after a small snack of Cinnabon, my own fault of course!). My average for the week is 120 as opposed to 146 mg/dl on pods. I felt better immediately. Can’t thank you enough for all your input and everyone’s on your threads. I would still be struggling and wondering if it was me…

My insurance covered my mm upgrade. I got the approval letter and it called it “DME failure replacement” after they got my and my doctor’s notes as to why the switch back. You think???

Hi Val,

I’m currently a very frustrated Omnipod users and have experienced both too frequent pod failures and that my insurance dropped the Insulet. I’m curious about mm522, what is it? Is it also wireless like Omnipod?

Omnipod is the only wireless system on the market right now. If you are interested in MiniMed, may I suggest you upgrade to the Paradigm. I’m not sure what the newest number is. I have a 715 and I think there might be a 722 out now, but I’m not positive about that. I don’t much like the MiniMed pumps, but everyone has to decide for themselves. Good luck and I hope you find what works well for you.

MM522 is the smaller version of MM722 from minimed…no, its a conventional pump with its tubing…

i have my mm522 and i dont have any complaints so far… ive tried that demo pod before but it was ok…

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for the new pump from minimed that’s coming out soon…

The new Animas Ping has a wireless glucometer that communicates with the 2020 pump and can also bolus from the glucometer as well.

I agree. I’ve been keeping track and over the last month I’ve had 13 pod failures. 13!!! I love the idea of the wireless system in theory, but it’s not worth sacrificing my health over. I’ve officially quit the pod and am set to start the Animas Ping tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. I think Omnipod is setting itself up for some major issues, and one wonders about potential lawsuits at some point.

I’ve been away from this site for a while and just checked back in to see if there were any updates on the OmniPod. I am another former user of the Pod. Like you, I had many failures and unexplained highs while on the pod. I’ve been back on injections for about a year now and am doing fine with an A1c of about 6.5. My endo’s office said that Insulet had made some corrections to the Pod and that people weren’t experiencing as many failures and problems as they had been. That got me thinking about trying it again. Are there any others out there who stopped using it and then went back with fewer problems? I wonder if the corrections have helped anyone.

I’m a current OmniPod user, in the past I’ve used the MiniMed and Deltec Cosmo.

For me, this is the best pump by far. I agree that there were a few frustrating months when I kept getting bad pods, but they always replaced them, gave me extras to make up for the wasted insulin, and shipped overnight at no cost to me. Recently, my screen started to go out, not sure if it’s manufacturing or me dropping my pump several times, regardless, they replaced it overnight.

I haven’t had any bad pods in the last 6-7 months.

Customer service has been great, I’ve gone from over 12% to 7.1% in three months, and held steady for over a year now.

The OmniPod has rocked me good!

wow I am glad that I saw this thread! I was very much considering an Omni Pod for my 14 yo daughter due to it being wireless. I would not know what to do if It failed. we are very new to diabetes as it is and I don’t think she will be getting a pump for at least 7 or 8 more months. Maybe sooner if her BS stay stable like they are. However We won’t be looking at this pump. Thanks for the heads up. It looks like you weren’t the only person to have the failures. I hate it when a Companies Quality Control sucks!

I have been on the omnipod since last june and I have LOVED it. I was doing injections prior, so this was my first pump experience. It has changed my life and my A1C has been multitudes better since the pod. I have had a few pods with issues, not being able to load the insulin (like Rob said) or occlusions but I expect those types of things since no technology is perfect. I guess I don’t mind the issues I’ve had here and there since it is the most inconspicuous and convenient pump I looked at when searching for a pump. Also, everytime I have called for support they have been very helpful (not on the weekends though…they don’t know what they’re talking about) and kind. So, to throw in my 2 cents, I have really enjoyed my experience and would do it again for sure.

How is your Ping working out?? im looking in to it for my 13 yr old son, we have decided aginst the pod.