Had to fight the two-headed dragon last night

New insertion set and baked ziti in oven… started off well but after an hour noticed bg going up slowly. I kept checking every 20 minutes and bolusing (started with a temp basil rate) and bolising but finally gave up on new insertion site at about 10 pm as noticed it was bleeding under pad. Luckily I still had previous site still capped and inserted. Switched and bolused again and was at 98 this morning. If not for the blood it may have gotten ugly (is it the site or just the Zitt, LOL)… Never got over 250 and did not go to sleep until I witnessed readings going down. Timing is everything but baked Ziti is worth it!


Great job saving what could have been a pretty rotten night!

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I have trouble controlling my bg’s when I pig out on a bunch of chips/salsa, rice, beans, chili relleno, and a secondary entree. Sure is good going down, but dang the bg afteraffects makes me doubt my decision making. :slight_smile: Sometimes we have to pay for our fun.

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I think it was the beefing sihte
Good you checked

Pretty sure it was the site and glad I had not removed the other right away, as the BG readings started going down right after using old insertion point and bolusing from there…
I come pretty close now with pasta/pizza/chinese using a higher temp basil for a couple hours and a normal bolus to start with but this just kept climbing after each bolus and of course no occlusion alarm :frowning: