Haircuts, piercings and broken pumps

I have been really busy with all of my schoolwork, finishing up my Junior year of high school, so I haven't been on TuD in quite awhile. I thought I would let all of you, who care so deeply about even the trivial things, what I have been up to lately. First off, about a month and a half ago, I got my hair cut. Now this was a big deal for me, because I have always had really long hair, it was about at my waistband before I cut it. I got it cut a little past my shoulders, and it is so much healthier, easier to manage, and just looks much nicer in general. Last Monday, I was in Oregon for my moms birthday, and we didn't have anything to do, so I jokingly said, after seeing a sign for a local piercing shop, that we should go get my nose pierced, something I have actually wanted to do for quite some time now. Of course my mom agreed, but the shop, credit here to MisFitz piercing of Depoe Bay OR, couldn't do it until 4 because the lady who did the piercings wasn't in town. So we went back to the condo and waited around. We went back and she was such a cool lady, I was expecting a thouroughly tattooed and pierced mid-20s type girl, but this was an older lady, with only a small nose stud. I got my nose pierced, which dosn't hurt that bad by the way, and apparently I am a bleeder. She spent a couple of minutes cleaing blood off my face, then let me look at it. It was SO AWESOME!!! It is only a small 'diamond' stud in my right nostril, but it is also something that no one really ever expected my to do, and I love it so much. The only bad thing about it is that for some reason my BG did go below 200 for 3 days afterwards, and it was really hard to sleep for the next 2 nights, I tossed and turned both nights :( Its been a week now, and it dosnt hurt at all, but every time I go to itch my nose I bump it and then it is sore for a couple of hours after.

Also, during this trip, I managed to rip out 2 sites, once when I was buckling my seat belt on the 7 hour car ride there, so I just put another site in, while driving in the car (this was a first for me) and luckily I had a reservoir already filled and ready. The other time I was sliding from one chair over to another, and the back of the chair caught on the site on my lower back adn ripped it right out. Both of these were within two days, and I was just in utter disbelief the second time.

So about my pump. On Thursday night I changed my reservoir, and then was showing my mom something, when I noticed that it was not vibrating after pressing buttons where it normally would. So I ran a selftest and it said nothing was wrong, so I did it again, and still a clean bill of health. Then I got to sit on hold with Medtronic, and mind you I was on my way to to bed, so I ended up not going to bed until after 12. The lady I talked to was really awesome, she had no idea why my pump wasn't vibrating, so she said she was sending me a 'refurbished' one. And by the way, I am pretty sure she threatened me, about sending back my broken pump, in a really nice way. My new pump got here yesterday, sorry refurbished pump, and I got it hooked up today. Its weird to see the subtle differences like the difference in the brightness of the screen, and the new one vibrates violently, I think she sent an epileptic pump or something.

Oh yah, on Sunday at the movies, the lady serving concessions told me and my best friend that I had to put my own salt on, she wasn't allowed to because she "wouldn't want to give me Diabetes". Me and my best friend said at the same time "Too late", and I am pretty sure it kind of frieked out the employees. Anyways, this is one of the many reasons Amanda Eileen Schaffer is my best friend :D

Well thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed, and just to let you know, comments make my day :)

Fierce and Love


Thanks for sharing. I got my nose pierced, a year ago on Memorial Day. I will tell you this… NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU’VE HEALED AND HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO CHANGE THAT STUD LEAVE IT IN FOR MONTHS. I took mine out at the 8 week “okay to do it” mark and regretted it every day. The diabetes I think has something to do with it, so please, please, please leave it in longer than they tell you. It makes a huge difference later on. I can only put super small gauges in now, and I can’t get the piercing one in because I took mine out too early. And don’t put sterling silver in, it turns the piercing black and doesn’t come off. Make sure to use surgical or stainless steel. I wish my piercer told me all this, I had to learn it the hard way. Of course, I also lied to my piercer and told him I had no medical issues in order to get mine, so… I brought it on myself. There should be info for people with diabetes about piercings.

Anywho- hope you enjoy your piercing. I love mine too. I am so happy I got it. :slight_smile: