Half of young adults see life as meaningless

I read that article recently.How you see life by the way?

I agree, many of my friends and people I know around my age who may not be diabetic are always drinking, partying, doing drugs and eating heaps of fast food and it’s like they don’t realize what toxins they’re putting in their body; That is part of why i’m thankful for diabetes, it’s really made me embrace life and consider what i’m putting in my body- hopefully I will be heart disease free in years time unlike those who abuse themselves. the childhood obesity rate in america is just huge!! and its so sad, there need’s to be a wakeup call.

It can seem meaningless at times, especially when an individual looks at everything going on in the world and wonders how can I change that? When I get that way, I try to remember that I don’t have to change the whole world, I just have to make my little corner of it a little bit better. If everyone would do that, eventually all these little corners would run into each other.

Man, I’m gonna have to be careful or I’ll ruin my reputation as a cranky, old man /wink