Halloween Candy Carb List

Well it's the day after halloween. We have a decent haul of candy between the 2 kids. (my 9 y/o nond daughter and my 6 year old d son) We limited the places we went. Just a few houses and the church carnival. I've got the candy up high so it's not at a self service level. We get 1-2 pieces a day. I was searching for carb amts tonight while packing tomorrow's lunch, so I'd know how much those fun sized pack of dots are. I found this great list that I'd thought I'd share. It has lots of different varieties in the fun size portions.


I like http://nutritiondata.self.com/. Hint, don’t search for a particular size candy, but the candy in general. For instance, searching for “Milky Way Fun Size” gives no results, whereas searching “Milky Way” enables you to select the Milky Way Bar (or Milky Way Midnight Bar) and the follow-on drop down enables a selection of the 100g, 28g, 8g, 58g, 103g and 17g (fun size) bars with all applicable nutritional data. Give it a try.