Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy - Those dreaded two words to a parent with a diabetic child, and to all of us diabetics who have to see it in the store aisles, who have to see it in a co-worker’s candy jar, and have to see it in our own non-diabetic child’s trick or treat bag.

I have attached a .pdf file that is a handy dandy Halloween candy chart with all of the carb listings for most of the basic “fun” or “snack” size candies. Now when you have that little treat, you won’t be thinking you are being bad, and since they sell these sizes all year round, you can enjoy that small sweet without thinking twice about what the count is in the carbs!

Download Halloween_CandyChart.pdf

Thanks for sharing the Halloween candy chart…stole my daughter’s mini M&M bag for dessert:)

Thanks for the chart. I am newly diabetic and have been a complete sugar aholic so this will definitely help me!

OH I just printed the candy PDF chart!! Thank you! Im off to buy me a bag of Kiss’s!!