Halloween - not scary!

Well we made it through our first Halloween with diabetes. My husband and I were concerned that Olivia would want to eat any candy that she came in contact with, but she was really good at understanding that she couldn't have a piece of candy until mommy and daddy said it was okay to do so. Don't worry, we made it a point not to let our girls go overboard with getting candy. Every year we go to my in laws and we walk the block around their house and we end up going to about a dozen houses. The night before Halloween my husband decided to go to half of those houses (the people that we know really well) and pre-deliver snacks for them to hand out to Olivia. These snacks consisted of pretzels, chex mixes, 100 calorie snack pack of cookies, etc. This worked out great and Olivia was excited seeing her Halloween bag grow with goodies just like her big sister. It is amazing how many carbs are in a piece of candy and how creative you have to be with meals to incorporate that piece of candy with lunch or dinner for a special treat. I'm relieved that Olivia is just as happy with her crackers. After we went around the block, we went back to my in laws and there was still an hour left of trick or treating. Olivia and Gwen took turns handing out candy to the kids in the neighborhood. They had alot of fun doing that. It was a good time.

My son’s first Haloween with Diabetes, he refused to go out. He had only been diagnosed about two weeks at
2 1/2 yrs old. He said he wanted to stay home and hand out candy which he had a blast doing. He went out this year and had good time, it worked out too that he still fit into his costume we got him last year. LOL!

What a great idea to hand out treats to your friends for your daugher. I’m glad she had a good experience. :slight_smile: