I just got invited to a Halloween party at my buddy’s place and I was thinking about what i could dress up as… i think i have an idea (as stupid as it is) but i was wondering if anyone else is dressing up and if so, as what? I’m going to be the infamous RED DIABUSTER, I have a one piece red long underwear, a wig, i still haven’t made my utility belt or my logo and a blue cape… i’m going to look ridiculous, but i love it

maybe you could get some ideas from Captain Glucose and Meter Boy.

Would you believe this : every year we decorate the house, carve a pumpkin , purchase fruit leather and raisin packages ( cost us a bundle !!) and expect wel over 100 kids ringing our door bell …this year in agreement with Hubby we made a donation to the local Salvation Army’s Food Bank and will put a sign on the door , that we are CLOSED for HALLOWEEN etc. etc. etc…I have NO regrets so far. …