Hamming it up until midnight

Stiil or even still awake just about Ham is cooking covered in honey nectre of the Gods well the Greeks believed anyway, cooked the ham and it is a big one in the slow cooker for two hours then put it on to cook in the oven no Turkey this year pork instead should be goose if we respected tradition,turkey came from our colony overseas what a mess we made of that,house still still except me troubling the surrounding air by typing looked outside the rain came gushing in like someone had a big bucket of water and shouted over hear full in the face job,Brieni still sleeping on the chair next to me had a big yarn stretch looked at me and has gone of to where they go when sleeping
a scrach of the head scratch of the ear yes getting sleepy, Angel is sleeping trying not to wake her up she has been knocked for sick but is getting better by the day it takes it out of you being a wife mother grand mother, lets hear it for moms well done come on dads let moms have a second or two to themselves.
Not sure if I took my medication today perhaps that is why I am up at this hour 23.29/11.29 for the rest of us forgot insulin as well but no sign of a wobbly check blood sugars when I retire to bed,have to pick Brieni up and put her in her basket nice of her to keep me company tonight it is a wonder Jimbob has not come to look for me she sticks to me like glue gave Smudge a bit of fresh chicken Brian went home wherever he lives spent the day feasting and sleeping here.
If you are having turkey is it cooking or are you the sensible type and are fast asleep it is 23.33pm so I have to take my leave love to sit and chat but eyelids cannot keep open wish you all peace and happiness