Handy Glucose Carrier Keychain!

Hey Guys,
Just a quick message to say that I’ve found this keyring which has been invented by a diabetic, which is a handy way of carrying a small supply of glucose tablets (enough to overcome a hypo). It holds four tablets, and prevents them from getting damaged too.

I know I always gamble it if I’m not taking a bag with me and risk not taking any glucose with me, but I’m never without my keys…this is a good way of always allowing me to have some dextrose near by. I bought the keychain online and it’s come in handy a few times, and makes life a lot easier.

Take a look on the following link…

(I’m not advertising it as such, it’s just something you may find as useful as I have, and I thought I’d share that with you).

Great invention - what do you think?

Hope your all well,
Take it easy x

very cool Item ! thanks for the post
Be well


That is awesome! I wonder if it comes in the round shape???

Thanks for the post