Hang Ten

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Some days I don't feel up to
messin' with the D
And some days, I'm less than
enthusiastic about the whole deal
Some days I don't even
recognize my own body
And good, consistent control
seems always just out of reach
Those are the days I'm
tempted to give up
'cause It feels like I'LL
NEVER be strong enough
But I've learned that
all of that is a lie.
A lie whispered in my ear
by a rotten, stinkin' disease
called diabetes mellitus
You know . . .
da 'betes,
da sugar,
da pancreas fail,
da thirsty
da pee pees
da sweeters
da cranky
the D
and it sucks!
But do you think for one minute
I'm going to let this POS win?
Not a chance!
Those are the days I
dig down deep,
and somehow find the strength,
and the courage, to go just one more day.
Just one more!
And I've learned to
never, ever look back
You see, there's nothing back there
but a whole lot of hurt and
stuff I'd rather leave behind
I take it one day at a time
and refuse to give in.
So as for the 'betes,
I talk to it.
I talk to it on the good days,
and I definitely talk to it on the bad.
And yea, there are those days
when it does feel like
I'm spittin' into a hurricane
But I say it anyway
It helps me stay focused.
Focused on my mission.
And my mission is to do
anything and everything I can
to outthink, outrun, and
outlast this hideous disease
And win I am.
Even if only in my own mind.
You see, the 'betes
may take my body.
But it will
Take my spirit!
That is mine!
and the D can't have it!
So there!
Here is a great image
I like to keep in my head.
It's the image of a surfer,
riding the largest wave of his life
To fend off disaster,
all he needs to do is stay
just a little bit ahead of the wave
Sometimes it seems as if
he's going to 'eat it' and be
swallowed up and consumed by it
Only to emerge on the other side
And the wave/'betes?
As it whimpers onto the shore, a
broken, harmless ripple, a
pathetic poser of it's former self
I laugh, and give it the 1
finger salute it deserves.
ok 'tude, that's enough for now,
You can brag some more another day
Watch this video, and
let it be your mental image today