Happy Birthday Cooper. 7 already?

I remember laying in a hospital bed seven years ago today waiting to meet my little man. I can't believe he is seven already it sounds so old. He told me that he will pretend to be six so I won't be sad he's growing up. Cooper sat up early, walked early, talked early,he did everything early. Thinking back on all of these milestones I can't help but to think that God was preparing us for what was to come. Having a child with diabetes has taught our family so much and it's turned Cooper into a strong boy. With type 1 diabetes you get some good days and some bad days. If I could I would like to take all of this away from him. But the truth is that I can't. I would love if he didn't have to get shots every day and get pokes all the time. Even though Cooper acts tough I know deep down that they really do hurt. Of all the things he has to deal with he never complains about diabetes. He would rather complain about wearing a coat and doing homework. So on this day I wish my first born Cooper Miles a Happy Birthday I love you baby I can't wait to see what this year has in store.

Happy birthday, cooper

You go Cooper!! Happy Birthday!!