Happy Birthday Danielle and Timothy!

Celebrating the Birthdays of 2 very special people.....
Danielle Anaïs, 28....July 31st (1984), and
Timothy Phillip, 26....August 1st (1986).
Danielle and Timothy mean more to me than life itself...long awaited, not growing under my heart....but rather IN it. They are a gift beyond compare...a gift from God...
and so, we continue to praise and thank Him, for the gift of Danielle (mommie to Stephen), and the gift of Timothy (daddy to Mason and Riley)...our children; for we are blessed beyond words.

Happy Birthday to Danielle and Timothy. No gift is more beautiful and treasured than that of a child.

Oh, how very true Robyn…thank you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Danielle and Timothy!!!

I’m Very Happy that you have been Blessed with two such Fine People Linda. God is Good. :slight_smile:

Oh so so true Terrie…what a joy and a gift my children are.
And now we are also blessed with a sweet, good as gold wee grandson…and another granchild due in March!

Ahhhhhh congratulations on the new grandbaby to come give you tons of love and joy! Very happy for you and your family!

Thank you…looking forward to the little bundle!

Thank you debb…bring on the sugar then…my heart is wide open!

Happy Birthday wishes to Danielle and Timothy. How did you get them so close,lol. My 3 boys all have their birthdays in a 6 week span. Guess thats always during the Christmas and New Year parties when we had lots of fun, hahah. Our children are truly a gift from God … and the Grandbabies too =)

The thing that’s even more awesome is that Timothy’s due date was Danielle’s birthday (the 31st)…but he didn’t want to share, and hung on for another day!..The timing was God’s!

Wow…that’s wild debb!

Mason was born in “my” month (November)…and our new little bundle is due in my husband Len’s month (March)!