Happy Birthday Dr. Collip: 20Nov

Dr. J. Collip > 20Nov.
A lot of bright people born in Nov.!
We all give deserved thanks to Dr’s Banting, & his research associate Dr. Best for the discovery.
I did not know research biochemist Dr. James Collip was brought in to refine the discovered insulin extract such that it was actually injectable without adverse reaction.
Such an amazing, complicated mystery to resolve. Peers working together to try to crack a centuries old challenge of diabetes.
Imagine if governments would do the same: work together towards a solution.
Happy Birthday Dr. Collip.


Yes, Banting is kind of the figurehead but there were multiple people involved in both the discovery and developing it into an actual treatment. Alsotoo: Yay November babies!

There is a movie about this. A real old one and it’s pretty eye opening.

I think what struck me emotionally about this story, was my ignorance: my initial diagnosis, and early “Food Exchanges” education many decades ago, came from the small hospital in his hometown. I knew early on who Dr’s Banting & Best were, however I did not know that Dr. Collip made that discovered juice inject-able and usable for me / us!

I want the movie, @Timothy. Can we find it?

Another interesting article on discovery of insulin.