Happy birthday to meeeeee

Wow another year then, and as if to celebrate my Bg’s threw me a dooozy of a hypo on sunday night/monday morning, like a can’t move, might’ve had a fit before the waking bit, appendages not in control, eating anything in sight kinda, sweating profusely and conversely being freezing cold type of hypo.

Weirdness ahoy… I don’t know if I am the only one who gets this symptom, but I used to when I was on lantus and had night hypos, I can hear/see but can’t move or speak like I am paralysed, it’s a wee bit scary and rather annoying. Well after i managed to regain control of my limbs (i presume my liver helped me out, thanks bud), I was still unable to speak, I knew what I was thinking but I couldn’t get my brain to make my mouth work and I didn’t want to wake my hubby as it would of scared him as i was slurring and making noises not words, i wouldn’t have been able to tell him it was a hypo though in my present clear state of mind I am sure he would have known but at the time it seemed better not to wake him… So that was all very Weird, by the time I got to do my BG after having some lucozade it was 3.7 mmol, then I got the post hypo munchies, I had a total of about 85g CHO and still only woke up at 14.8 mmol, which is a miracle as I didn’t have any insulin to cover the munchies. Anyways I felt like my brain was cotton wool yesterday, I was freezing all day, like chilled to the bone, all the muscles in my legs hurt, it was just plain hard functioning and staying awake. >:oP

Today however I am pleased to report that while my legs are still killing me I am my razor sharp mind (pah ha) is fully functioning and i’m off out for lunch in a bit with my mum.

Here’s to never having that happen again (looks to heaven and touches wood) x x x

Shucks! Sorry to hear that Louisa. Those are definitely
symptoms of a Bad low/seizure. I’ve heard others mention,
sometimes when they wake up with a Bad low that they either
can’t move their arms and legs or can’t talk also. I’ve never
had that experience Thank God.(touch wood) Sometimes
I was too tired to wake totally up but I could still move everything
with effort and speak with a slurred voice, if I had to. It took effort
though. Not being able to move Really sounds scary. I did have
the other symptoms especially the freezing, I hated.
Well, I’m sure Glad that you are doing much better now. You
have a Great day Girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUISA!!! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks terri, Lows are crappy in a whole other way to the highs, also thanks for the birthday wishes too x x x

Happy Birthday fro Australia

Happy Birthday from across the pond! Yea, those lows wipe me out too

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Louisa!

thankyou all for my birthday wishes, i’m really touched blushes mwah x x x

Happy, Happy…