Happy Birthday to My Daughter

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Baby Girl SuFu was born at 0628 this morning. Both mother and baby are doing very well. Weight and length to follow later. 20.25 inches, 8 lb 4 oz. “Squirt” as I call her is…


Congratulations and best wishes to all of you. Really good news!

congrats to all. welcome to the world SquFu!

Marie you are a genius!

Congrats to you, mrs.SuFu and new baby SuFu. I wish all of you the best life has to offer !

Congrads papa! Tell mom SuFu thanks for all you done!

Congratulations to Mother and Father of SquFu!

Congrats. You now have no life. You can go to the gym in august.

ps. I thought you named you pump “squirt.”

Mark -ha ha ha

Bsc - mine is “the pump with no name”

Congrats to all 3 of you. Life-changing doesn’t even begin to describe it. Enjoy the adventure :wink:

Congratulations! Pictures? Enjoy your new little life in your world…it is priceless.

Congratulations! Hope you are both well and I wish Baby Su Fu a long and happy life!

Well, you sure had a Good Day Sufu. You must be in Heaven. :slight_smile: Babies are so Precious. (All Children are actually). A Big Congratulations to you and your Family on receiving your Sweet Bundle of Joy. Great Job Mrs. Sufu. Two thumbs up!! :slight_smile: