Happy Hiking

I wonder if the reason why I can still walk quite a bit is because I expect to be able to do it. Reason would say, “Stay still. It hurts too much to move, and it is getting impossible.” But everyday I figure out a way to go for a walk another time, sometimes twice and since I don’t want to disappoint myself and lose ground. I am able to do it in spite of the weakness and pain.I negotiate the puddles if I have to because of the rain. Rain is no excuse to avoid a walk.
There are a lot of roots by this stream, and I must remember to pick up my feet. The rocks are hard to negotiate sometimes. I am amazed that I have to dexterity to do this still and the kinetic prowess. I seem to know where each rock and tree root is situated and just how much to move forward while at the same time picking up just the right amount. And I was told we only have five senses.

Happy Hiking.


Great attitude!!

Here is one of the puddles. If I can’t go around it then I go through it.

The forest path is two miles long with a lovely waterfall stream lining it. How could I not want to go out there?

I am thankful. It is what keeps me moving. Once I get in there I have to get out on the other end!

Past the garden flowers.

Finally back home.