Happy hour?

So there I was in Seattle, Washington, last week, heading to an after-work charity event in a part of town that is new to me. I was about 45 minutes early, so I stopped into a bar that the event organizer had mentioned was a sponsor of the event and had some drink & food specials.
It was kind of a small, neighborhood lounge that was trying to have a good menu and be kind of a hip gastro-pub, I guess. They had a big chalkboard above the bar advertising HAPPY HOUR 3 - 7 PM and $2 beer and $3 drink specials. Cool - it was 6 pm. Next to it was a list of about 8 beers. A waitress stopped by and asked if I wanted a drink, and I asked for a Mirror Pond, which is a pale ale brewed by the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon - and was on the list on the chalkboard. The waitress stopped by a few minutes later and set a bottle of Mirror Pond on the table, and left. No glass. The bottlecap was still on and was not a twist-off. I waited a minute or so to see if the waitress was coming back or if I could get her attention, but it was no use. Fortunately I had a bike multi-tool with me and I used a screwdriver to pry off the cap with minimal bleeding from the knuckles. I drank my beer and read a newspaper, then realized I needed to get back to the event I planned to see. Still no sign of the waitress, so I put $2 on the table and stood up. I considered $3, but c’mon - no help with the bottle? Sorry, no tip. At the sight of me standing up to leave, the waitress appeared immediately with a bill for $3.75.
“It’s 2 bucks during happy hour, right?” I said, pointing to the chalkboard. The watress reached over to the table next to me and grabbed a menu. "No, happy hour is only for domestic beers, " she explained, then handed the menu to me. "You had a microbrew."
Sure enough, the drinks list had 3 categories for the 8 beers they served - domestic, foreign, and microbrew. And what was on the domestic beer list? Bud or Bud Light.
I tried to argue that a beer from Oregon was more domestic than Budweiser, which is now owned by the European conglomerate that brews Heineken, among other beers. And I tried to argue that Mirror Pond is not some craft beer produced by some guy in his basement - I mean, this stuff is everywhere in the Northwest. Of course those arguments were worthless, when my real gripe should have been the deceptive chalkboard listing happy hour beer prices next to all of their beers. And I should have mentioned to the waitress that she brough me an unopened bottle of beer, and it really should have been on the house, but I didn’t. We stood there, facing each other for a few seconds. She repeated, “It’s $3.75.” Here’s the deal - when I was 21 years old, I would have walked out without paying and called the waitress some not-nice names. When I was 30 years old, I would have mentioned the crappy service and left only two dollars. (I have a few past storeis of “bar disputes.”) But here I am, approaching 40, married, employed and with kids, and going to a charity event nearby. I left $4 and quietly walked out, because although I really didn’t want to tip anything, I didn’t have the time to wait on this slow waitress to come back with a quarter. I was kind of irritated by her entire attitude, but I told myself that I did the right thing by not being the immature jerk I once was. But you know what? Although this was only a $2 dispute, and I’m stil pissed. I’ll never go back to this place. Glad I kept the immature jerk under control this time.
So what’s the diabetes angle? Umm…the adrenaline surge, not the beer, gave me a temporary spike in my bg level. ■■■■■. She put my health at risk. Sorry, that slipped out.

Don’t apologize! I agree, what a ■■■■■! I hate when stuff like this happens and my blood sugar spikes because of it.

Like you, Greg, I hate to be a victim of deception. And I have had experiences when the excitement/anger/emotion of the situation has spiked my blood sugar. I guess we just have to be aware of the many parts of our lives that can affect diabetes. Great story.