Happy Maternity leave, Mel!

We’ve made changes to the right hand column on the community, to reflect the changes to the admin team.

In the course of the next few months, Kristin will take on the interim role of Lead Admin while MelissaBL is on leave to give birth to and take care of her baby.

BIG hug and all the happiness in the world to you and your husband, Mel!

All the best to you all! Enjoy this time. I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow, Melissa!

Best wishes, guys!! Keep us posted!!

Best to you all, Melissa!!!

Best Wishes to all!!!

Happy & excited for your new addition!

We’ll miss you, Melissa.

Prayers for you and little baby Melissa…
I’m sure she will be beautiful (like Mom) =)
Best wishes!

aww, iam so exited for you guys! It is going to be great, you will see, nothing better in life than having baby, raising a child. You are going to be the best parents! We will keep you in our hearths tomorrow! Cheers!!!

Best of good health and happiness!


I have been thinking of you and the arrival of your baby…I wish you love,good health and happiness.

Cindy Warnack