Happy NursesWeek

To all our members who are nurses, THANK YOU!



Nurses are my best’es friends. I would be dead without nurses. Thank you to nurses everywhere whomever you are. :grinning:


Nurses are the ones who are there in the middle of the night when you are in excruciating pain—or just desperately need a bed pan. I honor nurses—including my really loved “everyday” nurses at my doc’s office. They know me, they treat me kindly and respectfully—and they have that exquisite combination of compassion, intelligence and professionalism that minimizes embarrassment when you might like to just metaphorically pull the covers over your head…

All bright blessings of the universe to any and all nurses—especially our fellow members, our brothers and sisters who not only devote their lives to helping others, but also do it while coping with the diabolical whimsy of The D…

Thank you for all the good work you do in in the world…